Bath Time.

We LOVE bath time at our house.

When I was having trouble with my supply and nursing, several mommas recommended that I take baths with Rachel to increase our skin to skin time. She loves it, so we’ve done it ever since! Now that she’s gotten bigger, she loves watching the tub fill up and splashing everywhere, of course.

When Dad is home in time, she loves goofing around with him and all of her bath toys because he makes all of these hilarious voices. You’ll see Jean-Pierre, her ducky, featured in these. 🙂 (He is a french duck with a lot of attitude.)

I know we won’t be able to do this forever, so I wanted to capture it before she grew up too fast. Baths have been some of our sweetest memories with our sweet girl.

Is bath time a big event at your house? Did you ever take baths with your kiddoes? Any awesome toddler toys you’d recommend?

Enjoy the sweetness. 🙂

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