Where do I even begin? Jenna and I both grew up in California(and actually played in water polo tournaments against each other in high school! small world!), but didn’t know each other until we both moved to Chicago. This lady is one blessed with SO many talents. She will blow you away with her singing voice, can sketch like a true artist, and is turning into an amazing photographer. Jenna has assisted me the last few summers and I have grown to love hear dearly. She has been such a blessing, and I don’t know how I am ever going to replace her. When she came over to hang out with Rachel and I a couple of weeks ago, we walked around for a couple hours to do some head-shots. This girl is a stunna’. (She even got a few photos of me -shocking I know!-and Rach, which I now treasure. 🙂

Jenna, you are a gem. (And pretty sure you were a model in another lifetime.) California is lucky to have you back, but we will miss you SO much here in Illinois. Don’t stay away too long!




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