Engaged: Brandon & Danielle

Where do I begin with these two? Sam and I have known Brandon & Danielle from church for years. We even joke that Brandon is our “son.” Here is our family portrait at Christmas in 2010. **

**Please note that Brandon did NOT take after Sam’s seriously scary facial hair.


ANYWAYS. Back to these two. Best friends for years.  Amazing people. And finally, one Sunday at church, I see his arm around her! WHAT?! This perfect match turned most hilarious power couple had finally gotten together, and I was SO EXCITED.

Fast forward to today, and they have given me the total honor to photograph their WEDDING. Brandon & Danielle are gettin’ hitched! But first, I got them to freeze their booties off in “18 degrees- feel-like-4” weather for their engagement session, and they were TROOPERS! We ventured to the lakefront for about 15 minutes for the sunrise, and they pretended their faces weren’t going to fall off for me like champs. We then retired to Ipsento Coffee in Bucktown to defrost and enjoy some amazing lattes and beautiful details. Once these two warmed up, we finally ventured back out for a few more photos underneath the Bloomingdale Trail. We genuinely had so much fun.

B & D, you know we love you. You’re kind, generous, and constantly serve everyone around you. I know SO many people in our community have been blessed by you as individuals, and I can only imagine what God is going to do through you both as a couple. You are LOVED!


Engaged: Alyssa & Dan

Alyssa is the absolute sweetest woman you will ever meet. We know each other from church, and since we met, I have always loved her kind and genuine nature. Enter Dan, who has totally swept her off her feet. Makes her laugh, helps her relax, and happy to go out in freezing weather to take photos with his bride-to-be. These two are so sincerely in love with each other. I could not be more excited to photograph their wedding in less than a MONTH! Cheers to you two! Thank you for being up for an adventure in the snow!


Enjoy the winter wonderland. 🙂







Josh & Aiyana

Josh & Aiyana, and their three amazing kids, are our Chicago family. They have walked with us through so much, and have been incredible friends. So, I obviously could not have been happier to capture all of this beauty, especially just in time for their 13th anniversary! These two have such an incredible testimony to what God can do in and through you in a marriage. Their have hearts of gold, and so much joy, and it shows in every. single. photo. I am so glad I can finally share all of that beauty with you!

J/A/E/L/A: Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. We love you all so much.



Engaged: Alli + Joel

Allison & Joel are one of the sweetest couples I know. These two had known each other nearly their entire lives, and when they FINALLY got together, everything just fell into place. They are precious.

Allison has been an incredible friend to me through so many differenct circumstances, so I was honored to do these engagement photos around downtown. They took me to some of their favorite spots, and we had SO much fun. Their love and passion for each other just poured out of every frame.

The photos on the roof are so sweet, especially because that is where Joel proposed. 🙂

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your lives!




locash love!

These are my dear friends Danny & Ronnie. I photographed their wedding in 2009(time FLIES!) and they now have a sweet little girl who is just cuter than anything else. But before their little addition arrived, we had a chance to do a lifestyle session for them this last fall. The day of their wedding it started to hail/sleet/snow mix before they ever got to go outside to do photos together, so I knew before the baby came, we had to do some photos amid the streets of Chicago in their hood. As you’ll notice, Danny & Ronnie’s chemistry is incredible. These two can make each other laugh hysterically, but also have this secret modeling gift, so prepare to enjoy some love caught on film!


Love you both, and am so honored to be a part of your lives! 🙂